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Driven to change. Inspired by science. 

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What started with a crazy idea from an observation in the lab of Prof. Gerhard Klebe, has become a recognized service provider in biotech and pharma.

We offer top-notch drug discovery and high-performance structural biology services. We offer cutting-edge technology and experience to support with drug discovery projects across protein families and modalities. We provide a variety of stand-alone packages for crystallographic fragment screening and co-structure determination addressing non-covalent, and covalent modalities as well as cryptic sites. We also offer integrated drug research, from early drug discovery to preclinical development.

Since its inceptions in Marburg, we have expanded in 2022 to Hamburg. We have labs and offices at the Germany’s largest synchrotron facility DESY. 

meet our team

Anastasiia Prymachenko

Structural Biology​

Johanna Senst

Crystallography & Biophysics

Nora Eulig

Protein Sciences

Anne Kruggel

Marketing & Design

Konstantin Altefrohne

Protein Production

Dr. Serghei Glinca

Founder & CEO

Artem German

Machine Learning

Marieke Enders

Protein Sciences

Simon Homberg


Dr. Janis Müller

Structural Biology

Moritz Ruf

Protein Sciences

SCIENTIFIC advisory board

Dr. Armin Ruf

Dr. Helmut Buschmann

Prof. Dr. Gerhard Klebe

Prof. Dr. Stefan Knapp

Dr. Gerhard Müller

Dr. Susanne Witt

our locations

Marburg  (HQ)

Hamburg, DESY synchrotron (operations)

Göttingen, Life Science Factory (operations)


awards and recognition

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