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December 20, 2022
Our fragment-to-hit approach that has been featured on the cover of the Journal of Medicinal Chemistry.

What partners say about us:
AiCuris Anti-infective Cures AG, Wuppertal Germany

X-RAY CRYSTALLOGRAPHY: PROTEIN SAMPLE REQUIREMENTS—Our recent blog post, we discuss: Requirements for crystallography-grade protein, QC parameters for better crystallization behaviour, Determinants of protein material for successful crystallographic screenings

November 17, 2022
Our covalent study highlights the advantages of SmartSoak® for covalent fragment-based drug discovery. Contact us to learn more.

In case you missed the webinar “Fragment-based drug discovery — Hitting Targets Using the Right Chemistry and Expertise Alliances” on how to hit targets using FBDD, you can watch it on CrystalsFirst’s Youtube channel.

Hit Identification in FBDD — Our recent blog post, we discuss: Biophysical screening cascades and the outcomes, Advantages of SmartSoak-enabled crystallographic screens, Importance of high-performance soaking systems for successful campaigns

October 23-25, 2022
CrystalsFirst is attendinng the 30th Protein Structure Determination in Industry (PSDI) 2022 symposium in Eindhoven, Netherlands (Oct 23-25).

October 13, 2022
Our CEO Dr. Serghei Glinca will be presenting at Xtalks on 13th October on cutting-edge applications of X-ray crystallography for hit identification and FBDD.

October 11, 2022
Our fragment-to-hit approach that has been published in the Journal of Medicinal Chemistry.

We have established new labs and offices at Germany’s largest accelerator center — DESY, Hamburg.

March 27, 2022
CrystalsFirst is presenting projects on E3 ligases, kinases, co-crystal soaking, and rapid fragment evolution at the 8th RSC-BMCS Fragment-based Drug Discovery meeting in Cambridge, UK.

March 11, 2022
With our new labs at DESY Campus in Hamburg, we offer flexible data collection services and high quality structure refinements.

January 24, 2022
Take the chance to connect virtually with our CEO Serghei Glinca at the 3rd Alpine Winter Conference to learn how!

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