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Based on our extensive skills and range of expertise in small molecule drug discovery, CrystalsFirst offers its clients efficient drug discovery services from target to lead. We offer stand-alone services in fragment-based drug discovery and structural biology matching optimally to the unique requirements of our clients’ project. With the support of CrystalsFirst’s core competencies in fragment-based drug discovery and partners in medicinal chemistry, we effectively carry out integrated drug discovery programs from target to candidate nomination. 

Integrated Drug Discovery

We know what it takes to find hits and turn them into an active molecules since we’ve worked in both pharmaceutical and biotech R&D. You may get the most out of our expert knowledge by using our comprehensive drug discovery services, which are based on:

  • Extensive experience in structurally-enabled drug discovery
  • Proven track record of unlocking chemical matter for diverse set of targets
  • In-house capabilities in protein production, structural biology, X-ray crystallography, unique fragment libraries, computational chemistry, fragment hit evolution
  • Seamless alignment with leading medicinal chemistry partners  to quickly complete the design-make-test cycles and synthesize the necessary molecules
  • Application of chemoinformatics, bioinformatics and machine learning algorithms in various aspects of chemistry and structural biology
  • High-standards of scientific quality combined with high-performance team 
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